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Industrial water treatment systems
Water treatment systems engineering
Clear water for biotechnology

                                                                                                                                                                                         " “Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Trade mark "TOTEM" is associated with modern technologies and advanced equipment for water treatment.

We offer water treatment systems of any purpose and performance, from household to specialized industrial. Application of our high-tech systems can help you to get the best quality at the lowest operating cost. We

            ◊ can solve any problem of water purification ;

            ◊ produce and supply process equipment for water purification, designed precisely to your individual needs;

            ◊ provide installation and commissioning of water treatment systems at the site ;
            ◊ provide warranty and post-warranty service of process equipment;

            ◊ sell wide range of components for water treatment in our trade-show rooms in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev;

            ◊ deliver products and components for water treatment purchased in our special-purpose e-Shop to any point of Ukraine;

            ◊ deliver really pure water of our own production into your home or office.

We use only a scientific approach to the problems of water purification.

            ♦ what kind of water do we drink, whether it meets the needs of our body ?

            ♦ what kind of water do we use in everyday life?

            ♦ drinking water at home, in kindergarten and school, a cafe and restaurant, what should it be?

            ♦ whether your process water for different branches of industry and agriculture improves the quality of the final product ?

            ♦ do not you spend too much on maintenance and operation of your water purification systems ?

            ♦ what are the means to improve the quality of water? Why do we need filters, cartridges, water softeners , water disinfection system and a reverse osmosis system and how effective are they? What is necessary for you to ensure that the water you use, is the highest quality ?

These and other questions will be answered on our site.

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